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Robert Langdon is called to Washington at the last minute and hold a lecture at the Capitol. But just moments after his arrival something remarkable is found in the building. Moreover, it is cryptically encoded with five different symbols. Langdon understands that the message is an ancient invocation, meant to entice the recipient into a long-lost world of secret wisdom.

Robert Langdon is my favourite Dan Brown character and I was really looking forward to reading this book. I knew that I would finish the book in one day, max 2 days, just like The Da Vinci Code. So I sat down on a Friday and started reading, thinking that by the end of the weekend I would be finsihed with it. But I was wrong and to top it off, I fell asleep!

It took me a whole week to finish it. I almost had to force myself to turn each new page. It lacked the thrill from The Da Vinci Code and every new twist was expected. The story was predictable and somewhere in the middle it became pretty clear who the villian was which was sort of an anticlimax.

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