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I’ve seen the previous adaption of this novel and in comparison this version is the better one.  The main character, Fanny Price, is a young girl from a relatively poor family, raised by her rich uncle and aunt at Mansfield Park. She grows up with her four cousins, Tom Bertram, Edmund Bertram, Maria Bertram and Julia, but is always treated as inferior to them, only Edmund shows her real kindness.

When Fanny has grown up, the stern patriarch Sir Thomas leaves for a year so he can deal with problems on his plantation in Antigua. The fashionable and worldly Henry Crawford and his sister Mary Crawford arrive in the village, and stay with their sister, the Parson’s wife. The arrival of the Crawfords sets in motion a series of events that aren’t all in favor of the people inhabiting Mansfield Park.


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Lost in Austen is a four-part 2008 British television series for the ITV network, written by Guy Andrews as an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Amanda Price, a keen Jane Austen fan from present-day Hammersmith, discovers the Pride and Prejudice character Elizabeth Bennet in her bathroom. Amanda curiously steps through a secret doorway hidden in the wall that Elizabeth had shown her, and finds herself in the house of the Bennets, Longbourn, at the beginning of the novel.

Amanda is trapped in this world, and Elizabeth is meanwhile in 21st Century London. Mr Bennet is hospitable, and Amanda tries to ensure that the novel progresses as it should. Mr Bingley visits Longbourn and appears to admire Amanda more than Jane. At the Meryton Assembly Hall she meets Mr Darcy and Caroline Bingley. Amanda gets drunk and kisses Bingley, immediately regretting it. Later, Amanda then forces Jane to travel to the Bingleys’ home in bad weather to get the novel back on track, but when she learns that this may give Jane a fatal attack of croup, Amanda follows her to save her.

Things don’t really go as they should in this adaption, the twists and turns that follow are worthy of a true Jane Austen novel.

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Lorna Doone is based on a novel by the same title written by Richard Blackmore. I haven’t read the novel only seen the adaptation and if the novel is as “racy”  as the drama then I’m astonished that he was able to get it published back in 1869.

What surprised me was that there wasn’t any holding back between the main characters, they really expressed their feelings without playing coy. Unlike other dramas that are based upon that era, where a woman has to be shy and obedient and the man strong and sensible, this one really let the character show their every emotion without any restraint.

Read more about the novel and author here.

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I’ve been reading Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South about the daughter of a middle-class parson, Margaret Hale and John Thornton, a rich mill owner. Let’s just say that they see eye to eye from the start. Pride and Prejudice anyone?

Anyway, what I wanted to say about this book isn’t really about the book itself but that I found the BBC adaptation of it on Youtube. When a book is adapted  then it either turns out great or horrendous, but I have to admit that this one turned out pretty awesome. The actors are terrific, in particular Richard Armitage and the storyline is pretty much the same as in the book.

The clip above is when Thornton (Richard Armitage) pays a visit to his lady love and he proposes and gets rejected…HARD! The goodies start at the 1:40 mark. But trust me, if someone proposed to me in the exact same way as Thornton did then I would grab hold of him and never let go of him.

Buy the dvd here: Megastore.se

Watch it online: Youtube Playlist

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