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On the cover ┬áit says that it’s the most famous science fiction novel ever written. That may be right to some extent but it sure isn’t the best one. I can honestly say that I’ve had this book in my possession for over 5 years and I still haven’t been able to actually force myself to complete it.

The science fiction part is good for a book that was written in the 60s but the story itself is just not something that can be called the best that I’ve laid my eyes on. It starts out pretty well but then it’s a downward spiral after he ends up this characters house by the name of Jubal. From there and on it turns into a freak show and honestly it’s a show I don’t mind missing. That’s why it will remain in my Put Aside pile for ever and ever til the day a Martian comes by my house and reads it out loud just so he/she/ it can torture me into becoming their slave on Earth.

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So they say that you should atleast give a book 50 pages before you stop reading it. I gave this one 51 pages and then it got dropped! It’s a modern classic and I bet many people love this story and the author but the whole melodrama theme isn’t something that would be good for me to read in the long run.

I would probably have ended up like the character in the book if I had flipped the page over to number 52.

For more info about the author: Sadegh Hedayat

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