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The Roommate (همخونه) by Maryam Riahi (مریم ریاحی) is a modern tale about love that doesn’t start at first sight. A young woman in her early twenties lives with her late fathers’ childhood friend, a rich old buisnessman that has an estragned son who’s in his late twenties.

In her last year of college the old man whom she looks upon as a father has a request. It’s not an easy one, at first he asks her if she trusts him, which she does, then if she will do as he asks, which she will, and then he tells her that  he wants her to meet his son Shahab. This startles her at first, but when she meets him, things change.

When they finally meet on a late hot summers day in the old man’s garden he comes across as manly, not handsome in an ordinary way but handsome in the way that he draws you toward him and bewitches you with his dark almond shaped eyes (her words not mine).

But don’t think that it’s all a nice ride from there, many complications occur and it’s not likely that they will have an happy ending. I was thinking about translating the book into english and publishing bits and pieces here. Would you like that?


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