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Another year has passed and a new decade will see the dawn of day. Here are the Top 10 most read posts this past year.

  1. New Moon: Review
  2. The Vampire Diaries
  3. Twilight: Review
  4. The Vampire Diaries: Review
  5. Eclipse :Review
  6. By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept: Review
  7. North and South
  8. The Gargoyle
  9. I Like It When You’re Quiet: Poem
  10. Reading Lolita In Tehran: Review

Hope that you all will enjoy the new year and that you’ll be back here for new reviews and poems!


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azar nafisi

So I’ve started reading Azar Nafisi’s book “Reading Lolita In Tehran” and I’ve got about half the book left. In her group of students there are every type of young women that occur in Iran, the religious one, the one that has to obey her parents, the one that is a prisoner of her brother, the one with the modern husband, the one with the dreams, the spinster and the divorced one. They are all very different and yet very similar in the way that they all want the freedom to be themselves, something that most people in free countries take for granted.

Many of my cousins, aunts, friends and other relatives that are living in Iran are in the same situation. Some aren’t allowed to socialize with people that aren’t related to them, others have to hand over their cellphone every now and then so that their male relatives can check if a man calls them and some aren’t allowed to work because they will bring shame on the family.

Someone has to stand up and break the circle. The “you have destroyed our honour” speech is getting old.

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