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A new period drama based on the life of John Keats and his romance with Fanny Brawne. I still haven’t seen this one even though it’s been released since the middle of September last year. It seems like it will be a great movie to watch and I bet many teenage girls will start googling for poems by John Keats.

Has anyone seen this one? If so, what did you think of it?


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It’s called paranormal romance. The Accidental Werewolf is the first book out of three in The Accidental Friend series by Dakota Cassidy. It’s meant to be the first one that a person reads but it was actually the last one I read, my personal favourite was The Accidental Vampire, NOT because of the vampire theme, we are not discriminating any supernatural creatures in this blog, but because the main character is one mean bitch (pardon the language).

Back to the one about the werewolf. Marty is a door to door make-up saleswoman, working the way to the top of her pyramid, when her poodle attacks a prowling werewolf who was distracted by Marty’s scent. In her attempt to pry her vicious little dog off the large “dog’s” lip, he accidentally bites her, a scratch on her hand really, and then she starts changing.

Other than the fact that she has to shave her legs twice a day her only dilemma is that as a werewolf she needs to eat raw meat on a regular basis, but she’s a vegan…drumroll!┬áThis first book is one step above Harlequin novels…but the sequels are good.

The authors website: dakotacassidy.com

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