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I’m an avid reader. In my room there are more books than anything else., but I still think that there are some books that I’ve missed reading and for me that means a great loss. Books are a magical wonder, they can make you feel everything and nothing, all at the same time. You read books to escape the world, to just pass the time or maybe even find answers (not talking about the encyclopedia or a dictionary).

My question is: Which books should a person have had read before the opportunity is lost? And to all you little Twilight fans…no I don’t think that the Twilight series is God’s gift to the literary world. I’m talking about masterpieces not fiction for people who think Edward Cullen is Robert Pattinson and not the other way around.

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The Roommate (همخونه) by Maryam Riahi (مریم ریاحی) is a modern tale about love that doesn’t start at first sight. A young woman in her early twenties lives with her late fathers’ childhood friend, a rich old buisnessman that has an estragned son who’s in his late twenties.

In her last year of college the old man whom she looks upon as a father has a request. It’s not an easy one, at first he asks her if she trusts him, which she does, then if she will do as he asks, which she will, and then he tells her that  he wants her to meet his son Shahab. This startles her at first, but when she meets him, things change.

When they finally meet on a late hot summers day in the old man’s garden he comes across as manly, not handsome in an ordinary way but handsome in the way that he draws you toward him and bewitches you with his dark almond shaped eyes (her words not mine).

But don’t think that it’s all a nice ride from there, many complications occur and it’s not likely that they will have an happy ending. I was thinking about translating the book into english and publishing bits and pieces here. Would you like that?

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In that book which is
My memory…
On the first page
That is the chapter when
I first met you
Appear the words…
Here begins a new life.

~Dante Alighieri

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I’ve been reading Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South about the daughter of a middle-class parson, Margaret Hale and John Thornton, a rich mill owner. Let’s just say that they see eye to eye from the start. Pride and Prejudice anyone?

Anyway, what I wanted to say about this book isn’t really about the book itself but that I found the BBC adaptation of it on Youtube. When a book is adapted  then it either turns out great or horrendous, but I have to admit that this one turned out pretty awesome. The actors are terrific, in particular Richard Armitage and the storyline is pretty much the same as in the book.

The clip above is when Thornton (Richard Armitage) pays a visit to his lady love and he proposes and gets rejected…HARD! The goodies start at the 1:40 mark. But trust me, if someone proposed to me in the exact same way as Thornton did then I would grab hold of him and never let go of him.

Buy the dvd here: Megastore.se

Watch it online: Youtube Playlist

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So…vampires are the new hot thing in Hollywood for those of you who have been in a media coma since last year. The latest addition is The Vampire Diaries based on the book series by author L.J. Smith and it premiers on September 10th on The CW channel.

Many people will definitely compare this with Trueblood and Twilight, but I don’t think that’s fair since these book were written before any of them and the storyline differs…you’ve heard these arguments before right? And to all those who keep complaing that Elena is blonde in the book and the actress isn’t…if that’s your only issue with the whole show then you should just zip it.

All I’m saying is that you should give the show a chance before you rip apart and throw it to the wolves.

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